44th International Vienna Motor Symposium

Innovative Low-Cost Fast Charge, Low CO2 Footprint 800V Li-Ion Battery Pack for BEV


Dipl.-Ing. G. Paolini, P. Georis PhD, Dipl.-Ing. Y. Raynaud, PLASTIC OMNIUM CLEAN ENERGY SYSTEM, Venette; Dr. A. Teyssot, Dipl.-Ing. Y. Molmeret, VERKOR, Grenoble:



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Plastic Omnium and its cell partner Verkor are developing a full eco-friendly BEV to serve C Segment/SUV in Europe with these key targets:

- 800V / 90kWh pack with 6 intern modules of Li Ion NMC pouch cells
- 40 kg of CO2eg/kWh for the complete pack production process (30% reduction vs 2022 state of the art)
- 2,5C charging rate with improved cooling x2,5 versus actual
- 90$/kWh - 30% reduction vs 2022 state of the art

These figures force several innovations: at cell level, in the integration of the cell together with cooling in modules and the use of recycled materials. The complete wireless cell monitoring electronics is integrated in the modules together with cooling and safety features associating at each step the manufacturing process, the different skills and constraints to optimize the global system. The BMS wireless technology brings real savings in weight, copper usage and manufacturing cycle time.

This project will allow to disrupt the actual figures on the CO2 emissions by maximizing the use of recycled materials (plastics & aluminum), reducing the quantity of components (wireless communication to drastically limit the wirings) and optimizing the impact during the complete manufacturing process, from the cell to the full pack, while offering state-of-the-art product performance and safety without compromise on pricing.

This paper will describe the engineering set up and a few innovative paths followed to achieve these goals within the engineering partners of this project.



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