Conference Papers

The lectures of the Vienna International Motor Symposia can be ordered from the Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers (ÖVK). The lectures are only available as part of the complete proceedings, individual lectures are not available.

Conference papers of the Vienna Motor Symposium 2023

Vienna Motor Symposium

The 44th International Vienna Motor Symposium takes place from 26-28 April 2023. The conference papers for this event can be pre-ordered from 1 April 2023 and will be sent from from the start of May.
All lectures are presented on approx. 1600 pages in 3 volumes including additional booklets, on an included USB stick you can find all content in electronic form.
The USB stick can also be preordered separately.

Order Options

Proceedings (print version) on an USB flash drive (or CD for proceedings prior to 2016)
Price for single use* € 240.00 including postage, 10 % VAT not included

  • volumes
  • booklets
  • data carrier (USB flash drive or CD) with lectures
  • download link

USB flash drive (available as from 37th International Vienna Motor Symposium 2016)
Price for single use* € 185 including postage, 10 % VAT not included

  • USB flash drive with lectures
  • download link

Multi-User Licence

  • To acquire a multi-user licence please contact the Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers (ÖVK), E-Mail:

Modes of payment

  • By bank transfer
    All bank information is provided on the invoice which will be sent to you by email once the order is completed.
  • By credit card

Once payment has been made/your credit card has been charged, you will be sent the requested conference documents (proceedings incl. usb stick or usb stick only) by post. You will receive a direct download link by E-Mail.

Order papers from past symposia

Please send me the complete set of conference papers for the Vienna International Motor Symposium.

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