43rd International Vienna Motor Symposium

Range Prediction with the Support of an Integration Test Bench


Dr. M. Wipfler, Dipl.-Ing. B. Pressl, Kristl, Seibt & Co GesmbH, Graz; Dr. P. Piecha, IPG Automotive GmbH, Karlsruhe:



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Methods for range prediction of electric vehicles are developed and validated using established test environments. While on-road tests are difficult to reproduce, conventional testbeds entail limitations such as steady state test execution. Within the context of a complete vehicle, a combination of simulation and testbed operation offers advantages in terms of scenario realism for powertrain and function development.

One such integration testbed coupled with CarMaker enables a holistic test of the vehicle where all the sensors are fed the information from the simulation. Thus, even the ADAS functions, which play a vital role in the range due to their ability to intervene in the powertrain, can be considered. Even highly dynamic driving maneuvers can be realized realistically by virtue of the high control dynamics of the testbed. A climate chamber and the integrated charging infrastructure enable testing of the charge stop planner and the battery thermal management at different temperatures.

The different capabilities of the testbed and their suitability for the development of range prediction are demonstrated, for example, a simulation of thermal influences on battery electric vehicles. It will also be illustrated how the range prediction can be validated even in early development stages and how the integration testbed can support this.



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