44th International Vienna Motor Symposium

Electrification: Transformation of a Company. Strategies and Technical Implications


Wayne Griffiths, CEO, SEAT and CUPRA, Barcelona; Dr. Werner Tietz, Executive Vice President Research and Development SEAT S.A., Barcelona



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SEAT S.A. is a company with two well-defined brands, SEAT and CUPRA. The Spanish car manufacturer is in the process of transformation with two strategic priorities: electrification and CUPRA growth.

One of the core projects for SEAT S.A. is the “Future: Fast Forward” project, which has the ambition to transform Spain into a European hub for electromobility. The Volkswagen Group, SEAT S.A., and PowerCo, alongside their partners, will invest 10 billion euros in the country to electrify the Martorell and Pamplona factories and build the first-ever gigafactory in Spain. This represents the single largest industrial investment in Spanish history. SEAT S.A. is leading the “Small BEV” project for different brands of the Group, the car which will help democratize electric mobility in Europe.

In 2018, Wayne Griffiths was one of the founders of CUPRA, an unconventional challenger brand that inspires the world from Barcelona. CUPRA is for the new generation of car lovers and has a unique proposition of creating emotional cars with great design and performance. Already a success in Europe, CUPRA aims to be one of Spain’s truly global brands.

CUPRA is involved in electric racing and transfers its knowledge and technology to series production. The powertrains of the future are being further developed at various levels to constantly optimize the everyday suitability of e-mobility. The differentiation of brands and models could take place in a different way in the future.

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