44th International Vienna Motor Symposium

Strategic Approach of Hyundai Mobis for the Vision of Hyundai Motor Group on Future Mobility


Sung Hwan Cho, PhD, CEO and President, Hyundai Mobis Co., Ldt., Seoul:



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The mobility ecosystem is reshaping the traditional boundaries of industries, leading to the participation of players from diverse sectors such as electronics, chemicals, telecommunications, and big tech companies. Competition and cooperation are intertwined as incumbent and new players struggle to take a leadership position in the new ecosystem.

Amid these changes in the industry, Hyundai Motor Group pursues a “transformation into a smart mobility solution provider” along with its vision of “Together for a better future.” Accordingly, the Group pinpointed six major themes, namely, autonomous driving, EV, fuel cells, UAM, robotics, and smart city, as core business segments to focus on going forward. As a key automotive supplier for Hyundai Motor Group, Hyundai Mobis provides elemental technologies critical to these key business areas by applying our system experience, and by offering a platform across multiple domains. This platform will be developed based on software that complies with international standards and optimal semiconductors that meet consumer demand.

Hyundai Mobis is also conducting new projects in UAM, robotics, and autonomous driving sectors, aligned with the future business roadmap of Hyundai Motor Group.

These diverse business activities and technical developments are well reflected in our ESG strategy. To promote the ESG vision of “Innovation with Responsibility, Mobility by Clean Technology”, Hyundai Mobis has set up three pillars, namely, “Green Acceleration”, “Inclusive Business”, and “Responsible Growth”. Our goal is to achieve balanced and sustainable growth moving forward.



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