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International Vienna Motor Symposium
International Vienna Motor Symposium

Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers

Information for Participants

Evening Reception

It has become a tradition that the Mayor of Vienna hosts a reception and dinner on the first evening of the symposium. Attendance is free, but it is indispensable that you register for this event at the same time as for the technical programme. You will receive a printed invitation to the reception together with the conference documents when you check in at the registration desk in the Hofburg.

Confirmation of Registration

After you have registered online you will receive an automatically generated confirmation of our having received your data by e-mail. Should you not receive such confirmation please note this means your registration was unsuccessful since we did not receive your data. Please also note that your e-mail application does NOT constitute a confirmation of your registration and hence does not automatically entitle you to participate in the symposium. After receipt of your e-mail we will send you a confirmation of your registration in the following days or will provide other information concerning your admission status. We do hope you will understand that on account of the large number of applications for participation it may take up to two weeks, especially at the beginning of the registration period, for us to process your application.

Registration Date

The registration period for the 39th Vienna International Motor Symposium begins on Monday, December 11, 2017 and ends as soon as the symposium has been fully booked. Hence we recommend that you apply for registration at the earliest possible juncture.

Registration for the Motor Symposium

You may register exclusively online or by means of the registration form. Each participant must fill in a separate form. Registration for all items on the programme (e.g. the evening reception, the social and cultural programme, theatre tickets) must be made simultaneously with the registration for participation in the Motor Symposium.

Hotel Reservations

We are delighted to reserve a hotel room for you. To this end we have made prior reservations of hotel rooms in nearby hotels of the luxury, A and B categories. For hotel reservations we ask you in all cases to let us have the data of your credit card as a guarantee. Payment will have to be made directly at the hotel upon departure. Our partner company, Austropa Interconvention will promptly confirm your desired reservation. When arriving at your hotel, you will have to hand over your hotel voucher. The hotel will issue an invoice stating the overall amount due upon your departure.

Cancellation of Hotel Rooms

Changes and cancellations of confirmed room reservations have to be addressed to Austropa Interconvention (e-mail: in written form. In the event of cancellations made between March 15th, 2018 and April 17th, 2018, a cancellation fee corresponding to the full rate for one night will be charged. In case of cancellations made after April 17th, 2018, or no-show, an invoice will be made out corresponding to the entire duration of the stay you booked. Cancellation fees will be debited to your credit card.


The participation fees entitle you to participate in the technical programme, including lunch, coffee and snacks during breaks, the conference documents, access to the blocked participants section on the website of the symposium as well as to evening events.

Participation fees 2018:

Registration Fee: € 2328,– incl. 20% VAT
Registration Fee ÖVK Membership: € 2244,– incl. 20% VAT

Social and Cultural Programme

We have organized an interesting social and cultural programme for you and your accompanying person. Do you intend to go to the opera or a musical? We have reserved a quota of tickets for the Vienna State Opera, the Volksoper (Vienna People's Opera), as well as musicals at the Raimund Theatre and the Ronacher. You can find further information here. The vouchers and tickets for opera and musical performances as well as information concerning starting times will be handed over to you at the desk of Austropa Interconvention in the Hofburg conference centre during the symposium.

Confirmation of Registration/Invoice

After having registered successfully, you will receive a confirmation of registration by e-mail, which will at the same time serve as an invoice. If you want to book your hotel room and/or reserve a place for an event on the social programme you will, in addition, receive a voucher for your hotel and the programme events you booked. We will send all of these documents exclusively by e-mail.


Cancellations must be made in writing to Austropa Interconvention (e-mail: ).

For cancellation after 15 March 2018  the whole amount of the invoice will be charged.

One-day Tickets

Sharing tickets between two people on the conference days is not permitted. Registration of participation applies to one person only, hence alternating attendance by several individuals is not accepted.


The Vienna International Motor Symposium will be held at the Hofburg Conference Centre, Vienna, Heldenplatz, 1010 Vienna.

Participants Login/Area

All registered participants, lecturers, students and media representatives at the Vienna International Motor Symposium will be granted access to the “Participants Login“ on this website by pressing the button “participants login“ at the top of this website.
During the Symposium, conference documents (a list of participants, a list of exhibitors, a map of exhibition stalls on all levels, CVs of the lecturers and of the chairmen of the Sessions as well as all lectures in pdf format) will be available. In addition, logged-in participants have the option of downloading all lectures from previous Symposia which can be accessed via lecture search.
The Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers (OEVK) will provide information on your access data to the participants login by e-mail a few days before the beginning of the conference.

Conference Documents

You can pick up your conference documents on both days of the symposium at the registration desk. In addition, as a registered participant you may already download the conference documents and other information before or during the symposium from our website under the tab “Participants”. You need to register for on-line access. We will inform you by e-mail how you have to proceedoccurs after March 15, 2016.

Replacing a Participant

In the event that a registered participant is unable to attend the symposium for whatever reason, a person replacing him or her may be nominated free of charge.


The Vienna International Motor Symposium is organized by the Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers jointly with the Department of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Propulsion Systems of the Vienna University of Technology.

Waiting List

Once the maximum number of participants has been reached we regrettably cannot accept any further registrations. You will be informed by e-mail, however, that your name has been put on a waiting list.

Terms of Payment

The full amount of the invoice has to be paid within 14 days of its receipt. If we do not receive payment of the amount due in good time, despite our reminder, we reserve the right to cancel your participation. Any bank charges that might arise will be charged to your credit card.