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International Vienna Motor Symposium
International Vienna Motor Symposium

Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers

Information for Media Representatives

General Information

For decades now, the Vienna International Motor Symposium has been a landmark on the international conference scene. Year after year, the technical press and other media have shown unflagging interest in this conference, such that, despite the large number of places we always reserve for media representatives, not all wishes for potential participation can be accommodated.

Application for Registration

Applications for participation can be made only online or by means of a registration form available as a pdf. Please indicate to which category you belong: Lecturer / Exhibitor / Media Representative. Please bear in mind that on-site accreditation (on the days of the symposium) IS NOT POSSIBLE, without exception.

Photographs and Illustrations

On this website, you will find photographs and illustrations which you may download free of charge. Should you be interested in additional material, please contact us. Please add the copyright note “© ÖVK/Doris Kucera” to all photographs or graphs you use.

Further Information

Should you require any further information during or after the symposium, please contact our press officer (e-mail: or the Austrian Association of Automotive Engineers, if your question concerns organizational matters. We are looking forward to fruitful co-operation.

Topical press articles

Topical press articles are also published on APA-OTS. You will find the digital file of press articles here.

Participants Login/Area

All registered participants, lecturers, students and media representatives at the Vienna International Motor Symposium will be granted access to the “Participants Login“ on this website by pressing the button “participants login“ at the top of this website.
During the Symposium, conference documents (a list of participants, a list of exhibitors, a map of exhibition stalls on all levels, CVs of the lecturers and of the chairmen of the Sessions as well as all lectures in pdf format) will be available. In addition, logged-in participants have the option of downloading all lectures from previous Symposia which can be accessed via lecture search.
The Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers (OEVK) will provide information on your access data to the participants login by e-mail a few days before the beginning of the conference.

Participation Fee

Representatives of the media are registered free of charge.

Submission of Author’s Copies

We request you to send us copies of your published articles on the symposium.