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International Vienna Motor Symposium
International Vienna Motor Symposium

Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers

Social Programme

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Accompanying Persons of Participants in the 39th International Vienna Motor Symposium,

Whilst the participants in the conference will hear about the most recent findings in the areas of powertrain technology, energy supply, environmental studies and related fields, we are pleased to offer you a choice of guided half-day tours to Viennese places of interest. Our qualified guides will give you detailed information.

Following a long tradition, the Mayor of Vienna will invite you to the Heurigen Fuhrgassl-Huber, a typical Viennese wine tavern which will give you the opportunity to end the day with a relaxed and leisurely get-together. We will be delighted to welcome you as our guests also on this occasion.

Do you intend to go to the opera, to a concert or to attend a musical performance? We have reserved a series of tickets for performances at the Vienna State Opera, the Volksoper (popular opera), the Vuenna Konzerthaus as well as the Raimund Theatre and the Ronacher featuring musicals. Please register for all these events (tours, evening programme incl. Wine Heuriger) together with the registration for the technical programme.

A short walk will take participants from the Congress Center Hofburg Vienna to the “Schweizerhof”past the Church of St. Augustine, the Habsburgs’ court church, to the Albertina Palace which was once the most elegant residential palace of the Habsburgs.
It served as the residence of the Empress Maria Theresia’s favourite daughter, Marie Christine, and her husband Albert of Saxony-Teschen. The couple were not only highly talented graphic artists themselves but they also founded the world’s most important collection of graphic art which is housed in the Albertina, named after Albert of Saxony-Teschen.
The collection comprises masterpieces from the late Gothic period to contemporary works of art.

The modern canopy roof in front of the Albertina Palace was designed by the famous Austrian architect Hans Hollein in 2003.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the very centre of Vienna and an Austrian symbol, has always been a popular theme for artists. A series of drawings depict the changes made to the Cathedral in the course of time – even a clock was at one time added to the south tower.

The walk will end at about 12.30 / 12.45 hrs. at St. Stephen’s Square.

Austria‘s famous Augarten Porcelain Manufactory is situated in the 2nd districtof Vienna.
A short walk through the Augarten park will give participantsan idea of the sheer size and spaciousness of the former Imperial pleasure grounds which cover some 52 hectares(130 acres).
Along with the Porcelain Manufactory, the garden is also home to a number of other institutions, such as the Schools of the Vienna Boy´s Choir and the MuTh, the Choirs Concert Hall, as well as the Austrian Film Archives.
The small palace, built by the Emperor Leopold I, accommodates the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory, which was founded in 1718 and is Europe‘s second oldest porcelain manufactory. In terms of its significance for the history of arts, it equals that of Meissen and Nymphenburg porclain manufactories.

A guided tour takes participants through the production workshops – the word “manufacture”actually means “hand-made” – and to the Porcelain Museum, which features china tableware and figurines of outstanding quality and beauty.

Augarten porcelain has traditionally been used on state occasions and offered as state presents.
The Augarten visit will end with a Cup of excellent coffee or tea and a piece of cake – served, of course, on Augarten porcelain – and visitors will have the opportunity to buy a Souvenir.

The tour will end at approx. 12.45 / 13.00 hrs. at the Congress Center Hofburg.

given by the Mayor of Vienna at Wine “Heuriger” Fuhrgassl-Huber, Neustift am Walde 68, 1190 Vienna, for participants of the symposium and accompanying persons (free of charge).

Bus Transfer 20.00 hrs.

Please bring your invitation, handed over at the registration desk to participants who have marked point 5 of the registration form.

The University, which was founded in 1365, moved to this locationonly in 1884. This Neo-Renaissance building was designed by the architect Heinrich Ferstel, who is renowned as the creator of numerous additional buildings in Vienna. In the auditorium, acommemorative plaque bears the names of Austrian Nobel Prize winners. The magnificent staircases, the large reading room and, especially, the arcaded courtyard meant to serve as a place formeetings and encounters are all worth seeing.

The arcades connect all parts of the building and were also intended as a Memorial area to remind visitors of famous scientists. Busts and commemorative plaques are displayed in honour of 154 professors.
Amongst these representatives of the sciences seven women were added just two years ago.

A brief walk via Mölkerbastei, former part of the old city wall, will take participants to the Minorite Church. This church was founded in the 13th century and boasts a splendid porch depicting Duke Albrecht II and his wife Johanna von Pfirt. The most impressive features of the church are the large round stained glass windows and a mosaic copy of “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci, which was originally commissioned by Napoleon but was taken over by the Emperor Francis I, Napoleon’s father in law.
On the right side of the church visitors can see the cenotaph of Pietro Metastasio, Empress Maria Theresia’s librettist. This cenotaph depicts the death scene of the librettist with Mozart and Haydn present as well as Pope Pius VI.

The tour will end in front of the Hofburg Congress Center at around 12.30 / 12.45 hrs.

The bus will take participants to Schönbrunn Palace with its spacious park that served as the summer residence of the Habsburgs from Maria Theresia’s reign onwards.
A leisurely walk will take participants across the park, past the “Meierei” (the dairy plant) of Empress Elizabeth and the “Tirolerhof” (farmhouse in Tyrolean style) to the Gloriette.

Its platform affords a magnificent view over the park and the cityscape of Vienna.

The walk will continue towards the “Small Gloriette”, down the hill to the Obelisk, an impressive fountain, to the Roman Ruin, which was constructed in the 18th century in Roman style, then to the “Taubenhaus” (the dovecot), a jewel of Baroque architecture, which was renovated only recently.
The well-groomed trees and alleys create the impression of aFrench garden. Walking past the floral parterre with its flower garlands, visitors will arrive at the Palace itself.

The guided tour of the Palace will give visitors a good insight as to the former splendour of court life.
The tour will include a visit to the Grand Gallery with ist mirrors, which is the most important state room of Schönbrunn Palace, the Ceremonial Hall, the Porcelain Room, the Carrousel Room and Napoleon’s bedroom, which houses some memorabilia of his son, Napoleon II, who lived in Schönbrunn Palace.
Some Chinese cabinet rooms and the “Millions Room” will round off this visit.

The bus will departfrom Schönbrunn at approx. 12.30 hrs. and arrive at the CongressCenter Hofburg at approx. 13.00 hrs.

Evening Programme Friday, 27. April 2018

  • Performance at the Vienna State Opera “Fidelio“ by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Performance at the Vienna Volksoper ”The Sound of Music” von Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein
  • Musical at the Raimundtheater “I am from Austria“ (Musical with Tophits by Rainhard Fendrich)
  • Musical at the Ronacher “Tanz der Vampire“ by Jim Steinman & Michael Kunze

Evening Programme Saturday, 28. April 2018

  • Performance at the Vienna State Opera “Aida” by Guiseppe Verdi
  • Ballet performance at the Vienna Volksoper ”A Midsummer Night´s Dream”(music by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy – choreography by Jorma Elo)
  • Concert performance at the Konzerthaus Vienna (Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra:Joseph Haydn, Sergej Rachmaninoff, Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowsky)
  • Musical at the Raimundtheater “I am from Austria“ (Musical with greatest hits of Rainhard Fendrich)
  • Musical at the Ronacher “Dance of the Vampires” by Jim Steinman & Michael Kunze

All programme arrangements may be subject to change!

Starting times of performances may be obtained from the counter of Austropa Interconvention! Please note that participation is limited. Tickets will be reserved on a first come first serve basis. If the requested price category is not available, we shall reserve tickets in the next higher or lower price category.
Prices, as indicated in the registration form, include an advance booking fee.

Photo credits

  • Albertina Wien © Albertina, Wien / Alexander Ch. Wulz
  • Carl Schütz: Der Stock im Eisen-Platz in Wien, 1779 © Albertina, Wien
  • Schloss Augarten / Augarten Palace © Wiener Porzellanmanufaktur Augarten GmbH
  • Courbette – Spanische Reitschule © Wiener Porzellanmanufaktur Augarten GmbH
  • Vasen in Barockform / Vases in Baroque Style © Wiener Porzellanmanufaktur Augarten GmbH
  • Arkadenhof / Arcaded Courtyard © Universität Wien / Franz Pfluegl
  • Minoritenkirche / Minorite Church © Bwag / Wikimedia CC-BY-SA-4.0
  • Schloss Schönbrunn / Schönbrunn Palace © Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H. / Lois Lammerhuber
  • Römische Ruine / Roman Ruin © Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H. /Lois Lammerhuber
  • Ausschnitt aus Gemälde ´Festlicher Einzug der Braut ... ´ ©  Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H. /Sammlung Bundesmobilienverwaltung, Objektstandort Schloß
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