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International Vienna Motor Symposium
International Vienna Motor Symposium

Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers

Information for Lecturers

Format of Presentations

As of December 10th 2018 here you will find a description of the structure and format of lectures and texts for presentations at the Vienna International Motor Symposium together with a specimen page (template) for the text layout.

Peer Review Process

Contributions made by university lecturers may be subjected to a peer review process if this appears desirable. This peer review process is conducted by the WKH (Scientific Society for Automotive Technology and Engineering), a registered association.

Conference Report

Your contribution will be published in the VDI Progress Reports of the Association of German Engineers, series 12: Traffic Technology / Automotive Engineering (both in printed form and as a USB-stick). From the date of the symposium onwards, your lecture will also be available to conference participants online. Lecturers/authors agree in advance to such publication.

Participation Fee for Lecturers

For lecturers, no participation fee will be charged.

Deadlines to be observed by Lecturers at the 2019 Motor Symposium

January 21st, 2019:

Latest possible date for submission of the texts of lectures (in German and English) to be published in the conference documents (VDI reports): German texts both as a pdf and a paper version; English texts in the form of a pdf.

January 21st, 2019:

Deadline for the submission of the CVs of lecturers in German and English. Such CVs should consist of approximately 15 lines, a maximum of 1,000 characters per language as well as a portrait photograph in a printable resolution (min. 4 by 5 cm, 300 dpi).

May 9th, 2019:

With a view to facilitating the work of our interpreters, we request you to send us a manuscript of the spoken version of your lecture. This will allow our interpreters to prepare themselves for your contribution in order to be able to assure an optimum simultaneous interpretation from German into English and vice versa.

Time Allotted to Presentations

The time allotted for your presentation is 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes for discussion.

Conference Languages

Native German-speaking lecturers are requested to present their contributions in German, whereas non-German speakers are expected to use English for their presentations.

Proposals for Lectures

Proposals for lectures have to include the lecture title, the author’s name and professional title, the name and address of the company as well as an abstract of between10 and 15 lines. Proposals may be submitted for next year’s symposium by September of the current year at the latest. Please submit only previously unpublished contributions, which should not be released for publication prior to the ensuing motor symposium.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Your lecture will be interpreted simultaneously from German into English and vice versa. We request you to send us a manuscript of the spoken version of your lecture before the symposium.

Participants Login/Area

All registered participants, exhibitors, lecturers, students and media representatives at the Vienna International Motor Symposium will be granted access to the “Participants Login“ on this website by pressing the button “participants login“ at the top of this website.
During the Symposium, conference documents (a list of participants, a list of exhibitors, a map of exhibition stalls on all levels, CVs of the lecturers and of the chairmen of the Sessions as well as all lectures in pdf format) will be available. In addition, logged-in participants have the option of downloading all lectures from previous Symposia which can be accessed via lecture search.
The Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers (OEVK) will provide information on your access data to the participants login by e-mail a few days before the beginning of the conference.