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International Vienna Motor Symposium
International Vienna Motor Symposium

Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers

Information for Exhibitors

General Information

More than 50 companies, which exhibit their products in an area of over 1,400 square meters, will complement the technical programme of the Vienna International Motor Symposium. The exhibition consists of an interior section covering approximately 900 square meters in the Hofburg Conference Centre and an outdoor exhibition space of some 500 square meters in front of the entrance to the Conference Centre on the Heldenplatz. Should you be interested in booking a stall at the exhibition in the next few years, please contact us (E-Mail: in order to obtain more detailed initial information. Our partner company, Media-Plan, Engerthstrasse 128, 1200 Vienna, is responsible for arranging exhibition stands.

Confirmed Exhibitors

Once you have received our confirmation that you have been accepted as an exhibitor, please use the form (available as from December 10, 2018) in order to provide all information required for printing the conference documents. (Please use this form only if your exhibitor status has been confirmed)

Please complete this form in German and English and e-mail it to the Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers, Elisabethstrasse 26/24, 1010 Vienna, Austria, E-Mail: 


The costs are calculated on the basis of the area required.

Participants Login/Area

All registered participants, lecturers, students and media representatives at the Vienna International Motor Symposium will be granted access to the “Participants Login“ on this website by pressing the button “Participants Login“ at the top of this website.
During the Symposium, conference documents (a list of participants, a list of exhibitors, a map of exhibition stalls on all levels, CVs of the lecturers and of the chairmen of the Sessions as well as all lectures in pdf format) will be available. In addition, logged-in participants have the option of downloading all lectures from previous Symposia which can be accessed via lecture search.

The Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers (OEVK) will provide information on your access data to the participants login by e-mail a few days before the beginning of the conference.